What can I say? Sometimes I come up with ridiculous things:

"Auditor Man"


NOTE: Sung to the tune of “Particle Man”
Original song by They Might Be Giants
Lyrics adapted by @aprilwright


Auditor man, Auditor man
Scope of the entire universe man
He finds something, might be false
Auditor man

What will he ask?
And where will he look?
How do I find the employee handbook?
Or will he need some offsite log?
Nobody knows

Auditor man
Policy man, Policy man
Amateur lawyer, Policy man
Where’s the requirement from? We don’t know.
Policy man.

Will it explain, or will it confound?
Or will it require meetings to lock down?
Always right. Never Wrong,
Policy Man

CISO man, CISO man
Magnetic force of the CISO Man
This is fine, This is fine
CISO man

Feels like every vendor has “time shares” to sell
Will he last 3 years? Anything’s possible.

Auditor Man, Auditor Man
Tells you everything you done wrong
Check the box, tell your boss
Auditor man

Auditor man, Auditor man
CISO man hates Auditor man
They get in fight, CISO wins
Auditor man