Training and Classes

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Whatever your skill level, I can teach you how to be more secure and protect your privacy.

Whether it’s a short presentation or a longer set of content, I can teach you, your family, or your organization about security, including the following topics:

  • Social media privacy and safety
  • OSINT techniques
  • OPSEC and PERSEC defenses and practices
  • Securing software and building a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Social Engineering techniques and defenses
  • Security Awareness
  • Personal security assessments / risk profiling
  • Executive security awareness training
  • Protecting your devices and personal OPSEC for International Travel
  • Compliance and Risk Management

Each training can be customized to be relevant to you (e.g. Security for providers of services such as Legal, Financial, Government, SaaS, Cloud, Personal, etc).

Types of Training

  • Education Where You Are:  on-site training at your location
  • One-on-One or Small-Group/Family training
  • Virtual Live Training:  via video chat or phone
  • Public Training: at events and conferences

Current Public Training Schedule:

Achieving Security Awareness Through Social Engineering Attacks

– BlackHat USA 2019

– Aug 3 and 4, 2019

– Read more about this class here

– Registration:

Access Denied – Social Engineering Detection and Response

– BlackHat USA 2019

– Aug 5 and 6, 2019

– Read more about this class

– Registration:—social-engineering-detection-and-incident-response-14290

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