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Whether it’s a short presentation or a longer set of content, I can teach you, your family, or your organization about security, including the following topics:

  • Social media privacy and safety
  • Securing software and building a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Social Engineering
  • Security Awareness
  • Securing your most important assets
  • Digital security while traveling internationally
  • Compliance and Risk Management

Each training can be customized to be relevant to you (e.g. Security for providers of services such as Legal, Financial, Government, SaaS, Cloud, Personal, etc).

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Currently offering two types of training:

  • Education Where You Are:  on-site training at your location
  • Virtual Live Training:  via video chat or phone
  • Public Training: at events and conferences
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Education Where You Are:

No matter your level of skill, we are available to provide training for your organization or business. We can come to your location for on-site training, and we also offer training at various locations throughout the year.

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Public Training:

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Achieving Security Awareness Through Social Engineering Attacks

Taught by: JAYSON E. STREET & APRIL C. WRIGHT | AUGUST 4-5, 2018


Read: The Importance of Security Awareness Training and the Impact of Attack Demonstrations

The ability to “think like an attacker” is the best way to defend against attacks.

Your employees are your biggest asset, but also at the biggest risk for social engineering (SE). Awareness is the best defense against SE threats.

Through hands-on exercises using software and hardware tools, SE risks will be discussed and evaluated with an emphasis on developing awareness programs.

Class activities will introduce students to profiling the online presence of employees and enterprises, as well as performing hands-on attacks against WiFi and computers.

After successful completion of this course, students will have a better understanding of how to detect and/or prevent to SE events by looking at their defenses from a different perspective.

Students will gain insight into how to educate others and create greater awareness about the various dangers that can occur.

The primary goal of this course is to substantially increase the security posture of an organization by implementing changes to better handle malicious SE attacks.

This 2-day course will use current Red Team strategies to develop a better understanding of how attackers use SE, as well as provide methods to prevent and detect these attacks via awareness programs and “teachable moments”.

A custom Hak5 Field Kit will be provided to each student for use during the class, which students will be able to keep and take home.


Security defenders

Blue team (Data Forensics, Incident Response, Analysts)

Security Auditors

Internal Awareness Teams / Trainers

Infosec personnel interested in defending against social engineering

IT support staff

Customer-facing call-centers and similar jobs

Anyone interested in learning more about common social engineering attacks



No prerequisites, per se

Students should have a willingness to try


  • A laptop with WiFi capability
  • A phone or a tablet with WiFi capability. A 2nd laptop would also work.
  • If required for their laptop (e.g. newer Macbooks), an adapter so the student is able to connect a USB-A cable (e.g. USB-C to USB-A adapter)



Students will be provided with a custom Hak5 Field Kit that they will get to keep.


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