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An app-controlled, FULL-RGB LED face mask with customizable messages and patterns

Who said the apocalypse had to be boring?!?

NOTE: This is NOT a protective mask – it DOES NOT prevent or protect from COVID-19. This is for fashion use only. You should insert a filter into the mask pocket or wear a protective mask under this mask for your protection.


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Welcome to the BLINGpocalypse

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product IS NOT designed to protect you from coronavirus/COVID-19, or any other pathogen, including cyber pathogens. This product is for fashion use only. You should wear a protective mask UNDER this mask or insert a filter into the mask pocket if you want protective mask functionality.


Welcome to the Blingpocalypse – v2.0!

Who said the apocalypse had to be boring?



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Video of Blingpocalypse Mask 2.0


Product Description

Have something to say? Want to troll people in video calls? Show your team’s logo or just be cooler than everyone else? 😛

This LED Programmable Face Mask can be controlled from your phone (iPhone or Android) via Bluetooth.

Mask 2.0 Updates:

  • LEDs support FULL RGB!!!! The patterns and possibilities are endless.
  • An easier-to-use power button that also changes between some built-in-patterns
  • Built-in effects (even without the app)
  • A new app, new effects, new functionality!
  • Holes in the mouth area (can’t be seen) make it easier to breathe while wearing the mask

The app has built-in patterns but you can customize text and patterns and even make animations. The 2.0 app is a different app from the 1.0 app (which is not Full RGB supportive).

With multiple scrolling modes and speeds (right side, left side,  top-down, downwards up, etc), you can share your message easily and exactly how you want.

PM 2.5 Activated Carbon Filter insertThis non-protective mask is made of a loose mesh that is easy to breathe in. This is why it is not a “protective” mask. However, You can also easily insert a pm2.5 filter inside the mask behind the LED panel. The kind like this:

The battery, LED panel, and any filter you insert are each fully removable from their pockets.

Mask is hand-wash only – remove all electronics, filter, and battery before cleaning


“One size fits most”


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Replacements / Warranty

I will only provide replacements (no refunds) requested within 14 days of receipt. You must return the non-functional mask; Please contact me and I will provide a prepaid return label.

Other than replacements for non-functioning masks, I offer no warranty on these items.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 in