Mobile Device Security for International Travelers – Part 1: How to prepare your phone and tablet for privacy and peace of mind while abroad


If you will be traveling internationally, you might be wondering how to protect your mobile devices (especially phones and tablets) while abroad.

First, you must understand and accept that EVERY NETWORK you connect to (including your home network) is potentially hostile; this is not an isolated problem that only travelers must face.

There is no such thing as “zero risk” to a device.

However, there are certain things travelers can do when preparing for travel, while traveling, and after travel.  Performing these steps can help reduce your risk and information footprint while traveling.

In this 3 part series of software-agnostic advice, we will explore the information security aspects of:

  1. How to prepare your devices for travel
  2. How to maintain security during travel
  3. How to clean-up after travel

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